Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dreams 10-23-2012

At a party, maybe a Faire.

Standing on top of a ridge with a group of other people, many whom I knew as aquaintances, but no lcose friends.

All of us gathered around, and sitting on some object, a picnic table or maybe an el camino.

chatting, talking, dueling with sticks.

Someone was talking to me and mentioned that the girl in back was a fencer like me.

"who fences?" she asked in response to overhearing our conversation, looking up and disentangling herself from the much younger man she was entwined with.

"link does" my nameless conversation partner replied, giving me an opening, while my dream transformed her into Sonia Tyburn.

"yeah, foil and epee-" the rest of my statement is cut off as she walks way too close to me. I can smell her perfume, a hint of sweat from the heat of the evening, the smell of something sugary in her mouth that she's chewing on. The proximity reveals her to be blonde, amazonianly gorgeous, generic for a time, then my dream morphs her into Jenn O'Syde.

"Want a gummy beetle?" she purrs at me. I open my mouth in acceptance, and she places the very real-looking beetle in, which I crunch and chew, disgusted for a moment then realizing that it really is gummy, with a hard candy shell. While I'm processing this very odd sensation, she leans in, almost bashfully and kisses me, in the close-mouthed way preteens do. Her lips soft against mine.

The action is over before I realize it's done, and she's leaning back, a blush visible in the dim light. I half-awake in that instant, aroused, before falling asleep again.

"Well, that could have gone better" I jokingly reply and pull her back into me. She resists the kiss for a moment, then relaxes into it. Behind us, I can hear the young man, make exasperated noises, then he walks past the fence we are leaning against, and goes down the hill toward the other people.

As we break apart, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize you two were a thing. I'm sorry I messed that up."

"No, it's fine, my boytoy doesn't like it when I kiss anyone but him on the mouth." I look confused at her. "But he does get so horny when he catches me kissing them elsewhere." She says suggestively, her hands sliding off my shoulders and down my chest to my waistband, where she stops. "I need to go find some more nightbeetles, they're so delicious."

She giggles at my expression and skips off. I wander around the group, looking for something to rinse the bug out of my mouth with, and run into Sonia, returning from elsewhere. She gives me a drink from her canteen and we play-duel for a moment. Me with a tire iron, her with a broom.

"Man, I really wish I'd brought my rapiers." I exclaimed to no one in particular, leaning against the fence again.

The Jenn-creature returns from the darkness behind me, now mostly unclothed, but fully covered, gauzy tunic open to the bellybutton, clasped with a leather belt, then draping to cover her upper thigh. She looks exactly the same, but is now completely inhuman. She is holding out a wriggling beetle, several more in her other fist. "Um, no. Thanks though." my stomach turns at the sight, and I half-awake again, nauseated in real life as well.

She laughs a dark and ominous laugh as she wanders back off into the night. "It's already too late for you."

I awoke in a cold sweat.

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