Saturday, October 1, 2011


Why do I feel like this?
An overwhelming sense of rage and betrayal,
A tsunami of red-eyed emotion ripping forth to destroy.
Like the bitch who trained me,
The cruel blacksmith who beat me into her image,
I lash out at people who show me
The slightest sense of weakness through emotional connection.
I am cruelest to those who deserve it least and I despise every movement I make that mimics hers to the letter.
I want nothing more than to feel myself again,
Bur I look in the mirror and see only her reflection glaring back at me.
Theres nothing I have to offer.
No resource or emotional commodity that hasn't been taunted it rotten by her touch.
All I have to offer is contagion,
But somehow my goddess still smiles at me.
Her voice, her eyes, her touch like at phoenix's tears, washing away disease like it never occurred.
I just want to be lost in her...