Friday, October 3, 2008

"Roswell" and 4-star Generals

So I started watching "Roswell" again. One of my favorite shows from when I was in high school. It's not the greatest collection of film ever produced, but there's something I really enjoy about this show. A wonderful collection of love, action, intrigue and heartache that I experienced through my HS years reflected by a group of people much better-looking than me, and half of them are quasi aliens with cool powers. Maybe it just happened to be "the right show at the right time," but I connected with this in a way I normally don't.
Revisiting this series really helped to put some problems I'd been having to bed, kind of a variation on the quotes "everything i ever needed to know I learned from Star Trek" or "every question I ever have has been answered in shoujo manga."
As I wrote about over the weekend, I still feel very little desire to put forth a kind facade to placate people I come in contact with, but watching more episodes has tamed the beast somewhat. We'll see what happens when I refinish the series. Halfway done.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
AETC Commander, 4-Star General Lorenz will be visiting Altus AFB at the beginning of next week, so the whole base is in overdrive cleaning and prepping for his arrival. As usual, I assume we at the RAPCON, the ones making sure he gets to the base safely in his little, fragile jet will most likely be left out of the visit. I mean, come on, who wants to come all the way out on the airfield to visit a group of exhausted, under-manned airmen working in a windowless building? It's like a whole 5 minute drive to get them too! Whatever. We'll primp, we'll preen, and he'll walk around for 10 of the 23 hours he'll be on the base talking to the Primetime Flights (the ones who are most accessible and generally do the least actual work). They'll get General's coins and EPR-boosting letters of appreciation, and we'll get a curt "thanks for the service" over the frequency as he leaves.

I'm going to bed.