Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 2

So, beginning of week 2 at the gym (more on that later) and I finally ran into one of the more uncommon gym stereotypes: buff grandpa.

I'm doing my own thing, dumbbell lunges, in front of the rack and he comes up to replace his dumbbells.

Now mind you, this gentleman looks to be north of 250 years old, with an epic snow white handlebar mustache. In each hand he's carrying dumbbells easily twice the size of mine. He replaced them on the bottom shelf, so those are the 50#+ range. 

Despite the leathery skin and superb face weasel, this dude is ripped. He gets my attention, so I pop my headphones. I shit you not, I was so startled that he DIDN'T sound like this when asking me to move so he could put his weights back:

brethren, dost thou even lift?

Anyway, face weasels and shredded senior citizens aside, here's my current status on my Handbasket to Hell-th(tm):

Weight: 187.2 (-0.8 from last week)

Dumbbell Lunge: 10@20#, 2x 10@25# (2x 10@20# last week)

Dumbbell Press: 3x 10@25# (3x 10@20# last week)

Standing Dumbbell Deadlift: 3x 10@30# (2x 10@30# last week)

Weighted Decline Situp: 10@6#, 10@10#, 8@10#(exhaustion) (new exercise)

Changing up a little since I posted about exercise last Wednesday.

Using feedback from friends, coworkers and /r/fitness, I ditched my silly homebrew program and split day setup, in favor of and , modified slightly to incorporate my restrictions and needs.

Why dumbells and not barbell like SS is built around? Mainly because the apt gym has some odd Smith machine variant instead of a proper powercage, and I don't have an exercise partner to check my form and spot me.

Anywho, I'll be graphing my progress and uploading graph images to my blogs, so check them out soon!

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